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Welcome to the online home of Texas Professional Exteriors — the most trusted name in roofing contractors in Waco, Texas! If you’re searching for affordable roofing companies with the experience and dedication Waco has grown to know and trust, you’ve found us! Our team of roofing professionals look forward to helping you with all your needs — no project too big or small!

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Whether you’re looking for aluminum roofing, asphalt roofing, commercial roofing, corrugated metal roofing or corrugated plastic roofing, colorbond roofing or even exotic touches like copper roofing, Texas Professional Exteriors has it!

Excellent Prices

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With a commercial roofing contractors’ ability to buy in quantity, our colorbond roofing prices — like all our materials costs — are low, helping keep the cost of new roof jobs (or the cost of roof replacement) very affordable!

Unbeatable Service

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From corrugated roofing to duro last roofing, elastomeric roof coating, EPDM rubber roofing, felt roofing, fiberglass roofing or firestone roofing, Texas Professional Exteriors’ service beats other roofing companies.

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Homeowners know the cost to replace roof materials in areas that have just seen a large storm can vary wildly; it doesn’t matter whether you’re replacing EPDM roofing or fiberglass roofing, whether it’s on a flat roof or a steep pitch, there are contractors out there who see an area’s moment of crisis as their chance to make a quick buck.

Many of these companies seem to show up hours after the storm hits and offer unbelievable deals — and contact numbers from out-of-state. Texas Professional Exteriors are your local exterior professionals; we’ll be here long after the fly-by-night companies have moved on. If you ask, “How much is colorbond roofing today?” or “How much is metal roofing going to cost me?” you’ll find we’re giving you the same great prices right after the storm as we did before. Our flat roof repair specialists, for example, take flat roofs and flat roofing seriously; we’re not interested in just fixing you up enough to last the next few months, we want you to have a roof that lasts — our reputation depends on it!


Ready For A New Roof?

We’re in the business of options; foam roofing, GAF roofing, pergola roofing, plastic roofing, polycarbonate roofing, PVC roofing, infinity roofing, Johns Manville roofing, Laserlite roofing, Latite roofing, Onduline roofing, Owens Corning roofing — the list goes on. We’ve got a line of green roofing and solar roofing products for environmentally conscious clients, we repair and replace interlock roofing, and we’ve been installing metal roofing in Waco for years. If you’re looking for quality roofing at quick roofing prices, check us out — you’ll be surprised how a new roof cost can be made affordable.


More Than Leaking Roof Repair

At Texas Professional Exteriors, we offer more than just leaky roof repair work. Although we’re time-tested professionals at residential metal roofing, membrane roof repair and all sorts of residential roofing, we’re also your go-to Waco roofing contractors for damaged or leaking rain gutters. Whether you need gutter repair or complete gutter replacement, we’re more than just metal roofing installation professionals, we offer whole-house solutions with results that last, including services you might not have thought of.


For example, Texas Professional Exteriors can help with concrete paving and other sorts of parking lot maintenance work; we’re a dedicated asphalt paving company with highly-skilled asphalt contractors who have handled nearly every sort of blacktop paving and asphalt repair job you can imagine.


We’re also the experts you need when you’re looking for professional road striping, parking lot striping or asphalt striping for whatever project you’re facing. And if you’re looking for a paving contractor who’s got experience with sealcoating asphalt in whatever weather conditions Waco sends our way, call us!


Metal Roof Specialists

If you’ve been putting off taking care of your roof because of metal roofing cost, Texas Professional Exteriors has some great news: metal roof costs have never been more affordable. Whether using metal roof shingles or sheets, we’ve got a variety of metal roofing colors that complement homes, sheds, garages and commercial settings — all installed by metal roofing contractors with years of experience in the Waco area. Our team can help you differentiate between the various metal roofing materials available for metal roofs, and find the product that’s perfect for your job! If you’re worried metal roofing prices are too high to get quality metal roofing at a cost you can afford, again, call Texas Professional Exteriors for a free estimate, and find out why we’re the most highly-recommended Waco roofing company in business.


Roof Leak Repair And Replacement

When your roof leaks, and it’s left unchecked, eventually there’s going to be more than the roof replacement cost to think about. Putting off roof maintenance puts you at greater risk for needing roof repairs later — no matter whether your roof construction uses plastic roofing sheets, polycarbonate roofing sheets or even some of the newer roof coatings. Call us today for a roofing inspection, and we’ll get you some good information on roofing prices and the costs of roof installation.

Our roof estimates are reliable, because they’re given by our professional roof contractors — not a sales agent who’s never been involved in the nuts-and-bolts of roofing a house or held roll roofing in his hands before. Our roofing estimator jobs are filled by roofers who’ve got years of experience in roofing and siding before they’re handed roofing estimate responsibilities — so they know exactly what it will take to make each roof repair job successful. We offer basic roofing quotes online as well, so you can get a better idea of what sort of roofing replacement cost you can expect.


Roofing Problems Need Roofing Experts

No two roofing installations or roof repairs are the same; from the roofing drip edge to under deck roofing, every home has its unique needs for its roofing and gutters. Roofing hail damage is different from new construction roofing jobs; roofing over old roof shingles requires attention from the roofing contractor and roofing company that focuses not just on roofing underlayment installation and roofing shingles but structural issues. Whether roofing EPDM or roofing Owens Corning materials, roofing work that involves more than one layer can start to become quite heavy — and additional layers of roofing work, especially slate roofing, tile roofing and zinc roofing — can exceed the load rating of the roof trusses. Some types of roofing are naturally less heavy than a tile roof or steel roofing; having been in the roofing business for as long as we have, we can guide you to appropriate materials, including roofing reviews and particular roofing warranty information to help answer all your roofing questions.


Roofing Options For Flat Roofs

Flat roofing installation cost can be kept down by using several different installation methods; a great low-maintenance option for roofing your house in areas like ours is torch down roofing, which simply uses extreme heat to adhere modified bitumen to fiberglass layers in a process that offers high roofing quality in less time than a lot of shingle roof or standing seam metal roof methods. Many of our customers ask what is TPO roofing, and wonder whether thermoplastic polyolefin is a good alternative; we think so, although it depends upon the particular roofing repair or replacement being done.

What is rubber roofing going to cost, and what is EPDM roofing? These are both single-ply membrane roofing systems that are relatively inexpensive and relatively easy to repair, and both are popular among our Waco commercial roofing clients. As an alternative to a rubber roof, and to keep Waco roof replacement costs down, we also point many of our commercial flat-roof clients to Colorbond roofing (what is Colorbond roofing? Colorbond is a trade name for a steel roofing product) and affordable vinyl roofing, since obviously slate roof cost tend to be higher than commercial businesses usually want to absorb at the outset.

Another way to keep your roofing costs down and avoid any spike in tin roofing or steel roofing prices later is to use a slightly more expensive zinc/aluminum alloy roofing: Zincalume. Among single ply roofing products, Zincalume stands out by lasting four times as long as regular yorkshire metal roofing; and while zinc roofing cost can be more, the durability is a good reason why a lot of metal roofing installers and our Waco roof contractors in particular are making the switch. What is the cost of metal roofing, and what sort of zinc roofing details do you need to make an informed decision? Contact our Waco roof replacement specialists today and learn about your roofing options cost and roofing financing that might be available for your roofs.


Paving Contractors You Can Count On

We’re proud of the skill and dedication of our asphalt contractors. A lot of paving companies don’t take the time to hire asphalt pavers with the level of experience we demand of our employees, and the results show up in the quality of our work, both in paving and asphalt sealing. Asphalt paving and asphalt sealcoating can be tricky work, and not every paving company has the track record we do in the Waco area.


Finding The Best Waco Roof Repair

The search for Waco roofers who are reliable and trustworthy often begins looking up roofing yellow pages listings; a savvy consumer might continue and look for roofing Yelp reviews to get an idea of which Waco roofing companies get the best ratings. Roofing employment websites can tell you how satisfied individual Waco roofing contractors might be working for a particular Waco roofing repair company, and of course there’s always asking your neighbor who did their roofing repair — especially if it looks like they did a good job.

At Texas Professional Exteriors, we know there are a lot of Waco roof leak repair and house siding repair companies out there, and specifically in Waco flat roof repair and rubber roof repair businesses have a lot of competition. Roofing houses is what we do, and Waco roof replacement is our speciality. We’re going to work hard to earn your trust and be your go-to roofing contractors for Waco roof repairs; we know you’ll check out other roofing companies for roofing repairs — and other asphalt companies for paving, striping and sealcoating — but we’re confident you’ll settle on us. We look forward to hearing from you, and appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!